Hester Siegers working for Dynamo Amsterdam came with the good idea to develop a walk through Buitenveldert to help inhabitants and others to learn more about this part of Amsterdam. Joop van der Schee, geographer, developed two gegraphical walks through Buitenveldert, one in the western part and one in the eastern part.

The content of these geographical walks is multidimensional. The information is about man and nature, past and present, detail and the bigger picture, and focuses on issues about water, green and housing. The texts are in English and Dutch.

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Maarten Ouboter working at Waternet (Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht) was helpful with his advice about watermanagement in en around Buitenveldert.

Copyrights: Almost all texts and photos are made by Joop van der Schee. Sources of photos made by others are mentioned below. We are happy to add credits of images that are missing from the list below. For educational purposes texts and photos can be used after consultation.


Both walks:

  • Map 1: The area south of Amsterdam in 1849. Source: Kadaster Topotijdreis ‘CC-BY Kadaster 1849’.
  • Map 2: The area south of Amsterdam in 1950. Source: Kadaster Topotijdreis ‘CC-BY Kadaster 1950’.
  • Map 3: The area south of Amsterdam in 1961. Source: Kadaster Topotijdreis ‘CC-BY Kadaster 1961’.
  • Map 4: The area south of Amsterdam in 1969. Source: Kadaster Topotijdreis ‘CC-BY Kadaster 1969’.

Walk Buitenveldert west:

  • Photo 31: Buitenveldert House approx. 1950. Source: City Archive Amsterdam.
  • Photo 45: Meeting island in the sixties. Source: City Archive Amsterdam.

Walk Buitenveldert oost:

  • Map Watermanagement system Buitenveldert 2021. Source: Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht.
  • Map Amstelpark. Source:
  • Map Gelderlandplein. Source:
  • Figure of pumping station Stadwijck at Amstel river. Source: Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht.
  • Photo 1: Meeting island 1965 looking north. Source: City Archive Amsterdam.
  • Photo 4: Helicopter bringing in the “Long Hum” in 1969. Source: Rob Mieremet / Anefo. Copyright holder National Archives, CC0.
  • Photo Gelderlandplein 1968. Source: City Archive Amsterdam.
Walks in Buitenveldert