Geo Walks Buitenveldert

This website contains two walks in Buitenveldert, one in the western part and one in the eastern part.

The western walk is from Gelderlandplein to the Amsterdamse Bos and back to Gelderlandplein. The eastern walk is from Gelderlandplein to Amstelpark and back to Gelderlandplein. Of course you can make your own walk using parts of these walks. Both routes start and end at Meeting island near Gelderlandplein.

The map shows the western walk in black. This black part is about 4 kilometres long. You can extend it with the blue part of 1 kilometer and the red part of 3 kilometres. The eastern purple route is 7 kilometres long.

The walk is written for adults and older children. For young children there are various play areas along the way.

If you like to learn more about Buitenveldert, there is extra geographical information on this website, see ‘learn more’. Optional are some questions included in the walk.

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Walks in Buitenveldert